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SteriWipes™️ Sale │160 Count │Hard Surface Disinfectant │Fragrance Free │Alcohol Free│Ready to Use Medical Grade Sanitizing Towelettes │Stronger Than Lysol Wipes │ White List Approved │EPA Approved │FDA Approved │CE Certified │Made In North America

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EPA Number Under Lonza Formulation S21F, LONZA, LLC: 6836-140

DIN No: 02500787

Safety Data Sheet (SDS):

EPA Certification:

Product Summary:

SteriWipes is an approved Ready-To-Use Wipe, concentrated, virucidial, food safe, multi- purpose, mildly alkaline detergent engineered to effectively treat a wide variety of surfaces requiring sanitizing, disinfecting or odor reduction.

SteriWipes is a 6.5% solution with an active “Quat” content of 0.357%.

Product Description:

Formulated for a wide variety of disinfection & sanitization applications including: Hospitals, Veterinary Clinics, Food Processing Plants & Food Prep areas, Transportation Related Equipment & other Public Contact Settings

Effective against: Staphylocidal - Pseudomonacidal - Bactericidal - Salmonellacidal - Fungicidal. Effective against (Andenovirus Type 5) and capable of killing SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19) Treated surfaces must remain wet for 1 minute.

For use in daily maintenance programs - with a balance of detergents and counteractants that deliver effective disinfecting, cleaning, and odor control. Deodorizes by killing microorganisms that cause offensive odors. Will not leave grit or soap scum.

Medical grade reinforced fabric wipes with these dimensions; 6”x6.5”/ 152.4x165.1 mm. 

Product Usage:

Recommended for use in, but not limited to:

  1. Hospitals & Care Facilities
  2. Public & Private Transportation Vehicles
  3. Food Prep Areas
  4. Meat, Poultry, Fish & Dairy Processing Plants
  5. Garbage & Recycling Facilities
  6. Containers & Equipment

Product Disinfection:

SteriWipes can be used to disinfect any hard surface and is rated as effective for destruction of a wide range of viruses and pathogens, including but not limited to:

  1. Adenovirus Type 5
  2. Hepatitis B & C
  3. HIV 1
  4. Influenza A
  5. RSV
  6. COVID-19 
  7. Avian Influenza virus
  8. and a wide range of bacterial pathogens, and fungi.

Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly:

Will not harm paint, sensitive metals, or other surfaces, even if left to dry.

Effective destruction of COVID19:

With its efficacy on a wide range of viruses, it is expected to be effective destruction of COVID19.

If used at Full Strength for Influenza virus type A and Human Coronavirus treated surfaces must remain wet for one minute.

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