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Sanitizing Wipes Vs Disinfecting Wipes

The use of wipes are to remove and to stop the growth of microorganisms living on the surface of objects in our environment. However, there are different benefits and characteristics which distinguish sanitizing wipes from disinfecting wipes. This plays a role into which one would be more effective based on your needs and therefore which one you should buy.

When buying wipes, it’s important to locate the EPA number on the label. Locating this number means show that the wipes are not meant to be used as a personal care wipe such as a hand sanitizing wipe or baby wipe. It proves that it is not intended for use on the skin or the body and both the skin and hands should most likely be rinsed after use.

In the case that you do want to purchase wipes that are intended for the skin, such as hand sanitizing wipes, it’s important to locate the NDC number on the label as all antiseptics which claim to be improving your health are required to have one by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration)  

Hard surface sanitizing wipes have the ability to reduce 99.99% of bacteria on surfaces between 30 seconds – 5 minutes. They typically using a detergent to pre-clean to avoid making the sanitizing formula ineffective. These wipes do not kill mold or fungi, but they do reduce the microorganisms to levels which are considered as safe. The common practice with sanitizing wipes are: pre clean, rinse and sanitize.

On the contrary, hard surface disinfecting wipes destroy fungi, viruses and bacteria in ten minutes or less after application to prevent new bacteria from forming. Although they take longer to work, the duration helps ensure that all the germs are eliminated. Additionally, they also prevent cross contamination, which is a significant contribution to mass outbreaks in several industries. In healthcare settings, disinfecting wipes are preferred due to a higher level of certainty in regards to irreversibly inactivating fungi and viruses.

Overall, when it comes to picking the right wipes, always read the label carefully to ensure that the wipes are appropriate for your intended use. Do not rely on your memory and do not make assumptions for other uses of the product without cross checking.
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